Fads From the Past

Whenever a new fad comes along these days whether it be selfie sticks or wheelie shoes, we can’t help but laugh, however back in the day we weren’t much better! Every now and then a trend comes along that sweeps everyone of a certain age group along in wave that can last for months or even years, and then afterwards we find ourselves wondering what the hell we were thinking! Read More

Best Retro Toys

It’s a bit disconcerting really that some of our most beloved toys from childhood are now considered retro and even collectible items these days! But we don’t look at these toys with an eye for a quick buck, but rather with a fondly nostalgic eye for all the fun memories that we had with them. Read More

Favourite Board Games

Most people look back on their childhoods through heavily tinted rose-coloured spectacles, and it is true that we were lucky enough to grow up without a mobile phone glued to our hands and the overwhelming pressure of social media. Many of us didn’t even have access to the somewhat addictive computer games outside of arcades until we were in our teens, so it is no wonder that we recall fondly our favourite board games from the best. Whether you were playing with friends or with family, these games were probably the source of an argument or two when we got a little bit too much into the game. Nowadays we still hold a soft spot in our hearts for a board game, especially when we are all gathered with our family and at leisure at Christmastime. You can find out some of our favourite board games from the past that we still recall fondly right here. Read More

Retro bikes: On yer Chopper!

When we were growing up it is true that we did enjoy a lot more freedom than many of today’s children growing up, and we weren’t tied to our video games, computers, tablets or mobile phones. This meant that we spent a lot more time outside with our friends exploring, making mischief and of course biking around. Read More

Retro sweets that need to make a comeback

Way before we knew what childhood obesity was, we happily frittered away our pocket money on the most wildly coloured sugar filled sweets that we could possible find at our local corner shop, and at the sadly departed pick ‘n’ mix section of Woolworths. There was nothing quite so fun as enjoying a sugar-induced high which was swiftly followed by tummy ache and a tutting dentist talking about cavities. Some of our favourite childhood sweets are still available if you know where to look for them in some of the most random of shops, not to mention the thriving online trade in these coveted sweet treats. You can read about some of our favourite childhood sweeties right here. Read More